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Personal Goal Planner

Effective Strategies for Reaching Goals

The Personal Goal Planner is a total guide to goal achievement - taking you from vision to success, using a guided-discovery technique to help you master the goal achievement process.

Why is goal setting so important to success?

For no other reason than that the process really works! And when you work the goal setting process, success pays a visit.

Participants will learn:

  • critical elements of the goal setting process
  • how to identify personal values, interests, and priorities that shadow goal achievement
  • how to create a Personal Visual Planner
  • how to develop a comprehensive goal planning strategy
  • how to analyze a goal plan for probable success
  • how to evaluate for effectiveness and apply adjustments to a goal in progress
  • skills to achieve greater focus, efficiency, effectiveness and success

This program is delivered over the course of two half-day or two evening sessions, scheduled three weeks apart. The Personal Goal Planner will guide you through each of the steps leading to goal achievement. This program will show you how to identify problems, how to generate alternatives, and how to remain true to your goals.

Make Goal Planning Your Next Success Habit

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