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Seminars, Workshops & Presentations

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Signature Seminars, Workshops & Presentations:

Reimagining Life After 50™

The Seminar. Employee engagement, work-life balance, and personal leadership. Get more out of life and career in the midlife years.

In whatever capacity a person works, nothing affects a person more profoundly and more positively than feeling in control of their job, their life, and their future. This course provides fresh perspectives, new hope and a chance to change the course of the future. It develops leadership, sparks initiative and enhances workplace harmony. These new realizations foster positive attitudes that reflect favourably both at work and at home as participants continue working in the years leading up to retirement.

Reimagining Life After 50™:

The Workshop. Rediscovering the joy of the job in the latter years of your career.

Retirement can and should be the crowning glory of a lifetime of achievement. Make sure you are making the right choices as you approach this milestone in your career. Use this opportunity to rediscover the joy of the job, and uncover different ways to enhance your career for greater fulfillment.

The Personal Goal Planner:

A total guide to goal achievement which includes effective strategies for reaching goals - taking you from vision to success.

Clearly written and well-defined goals have long been proven to work. This course goes one step further - to actual goal achievement, and educates participants on strategies that enhance the process to ensure even greater success.

Taming the Work-Life Tiger

Simple solutions for a complex world

If it is easy to remember, easy to use and actually works...then people are going to practice it. Taming the Work-Life Tiger is just such a program. By learning to use Management by 3's along with the Sanity Savers, participants will be better equipped to cope with problems, manage stress and make decisions with greater confidence. Like a breath of fresh air, this workshop will help boost work-life balance and reduce stress. As one participant enthusiastically declared, "Attend and be amazed at how simple the program is."

Accent the Positive:

Positivity at the speed of enlightenment!

Explore the benefits of a positive attitude; recognize and defend yourself against energy vampires; re-energize, reconnect and strengthen your working relationships by engaging in a spirited activity of TeamPlay.

All seminars, workshops and presentations are tailored to meet your needs, and the program length to fit your agenda.

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