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The wise man will always reflect concerning the quality not the quantity of life.



Working to Retirement™ Program

Your seminar was excellent and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience! Many people should be attending so for sure I will be spreading the word.

     - Tina Gatward, Account Manager, Royal Bank of Canada

Friendly...easy to enjoy...interactive...great program.

     - Mary Rose Ruggles, Membership Manager, Regina Chamber of Commerce

It was fun, the discussion was great! An excellent way to help ensure your remaining years at work are fulfilling, and you're ready for future retirement.

     - Denise Krieser, Program Consultant, Human Resources Development Canada

The emphasis on positive approaches to life and work is very refreshing. The goal setting section was valuable for me.

     - W.R. (Bud) Anaka, Groundskeeper, Wascana Centre Authority

It really helped me focus on what I want to achieve when I retire and to start thinking about what I can do now to work towards these goals.

     - Gail Thompson, Human Resources, Regina Public Library

... material was interesting and the ideas useful. Kathleen was great at encouraging and allowing free expression of ideas. Thanks for an interesting day!!

     - Ken Vaughan, Regina Public Library

I have a better understanding now of losing one's identity in the workforce...how to deal with time...and finding interests that couples have in common.

     - Al Stead, Purchasing Agent, SaskPower

Well presented. True about attitudes and true to overlook our shortcomings. Enjoyed myself. Gave us a lot to think about.

     - Eileen Gosselin, Homemaker

We definitely enjoyed the workshop focusing on the importance of enjoying and being productive in the years leading up to retirement, and the mindset this creates for the future. The pre-work and goal-setting were particularly effective for our group. You did an excellent job of tailoring your presentation to our employees' needs. Thank you, Kathleen. You did a terrific job. I would not hesitate to recommend your session to anyone seeking such an endorsement.

     - Barb Engel, Staff Development Manager, Conexus Credit Union

Catch a breeze...Fill your sails...

Workshops were well received...most noticeable improvement was the staff taking personal ownership... It was a pleasure to work with Kathleen, so much so that we are once again asking for her expertise in delivering Working to Retirement seminars for our staff.

     - Sue Hay, Disability Manager; Regina Catholic Schools, Regina

Excellent. Given our busy lives, we need to take in simple strategies that will assist us in our journey.

     - Michele Braun, School Administrator; St. Augustine School, Regina

Perfect timing. Attend and be amazed at how simple the program is.

     - Darlene Banin, Teacher; St. Francis School, Regina

Insightful. I felt that we all left with a few key strategies.

     - Catherine White, Speech Language Pathologist, Public School Division, Regina

The Power of Today...The Lure of Tomorrow

Kathleen delivers a powerful message to savor today by reminding us all to laugh more and worry less. We can do this by keeping a positive attitude by surrounding ourselves with like-minded people and remember to give gratitude for what each of us has every day.

     - Saskatchewan Insurance Adjuster's Convention Organizing Committee

You need to come & see it!

     - Shaunelle Crofts, District Operations Specialist, Cooperators Insurance

Life Skills

... a great level of professionalism and efficiency, and included the cultural sensitivity essential to the majority Aboriginal students in our class. Her sincerity, gentle nature and patience with the adult learners enabled her to break down cultural barriers very quickly.

     - Ann E. Perry, Executive Director; Circle Project, Regina

The Personal Goal Planner

The youth are completely attentive and interested... it gives them the confidence to keep trying. With Kathleen's process, facilitating independence is possible. We are very fortunate to have Kathleen come out and do these presentations and are hopeful that she will be able to continue working with us, to help our youth

     - Gerry Wurtak, Community Employment Coordinator, Paul Dojack Youth Centre

Great job! A lot of sharing, a lot of support, great facilitation!

     - Terri Navid, Financial Planner, Investors Group

...taking time to look at what is important to me. Goal setting was much more than I thought.

     - Joan Bisson, Partner, Crown Club Massage

Learned a good roadmap for goal setting...less fear of goal setting. It has given me the confidence to plan/organize/set goals.

     - Bambi Blair, Esthetician, All About Faces & More

Learned a more detailed and specific method for setting goals, and how to successfully achieve them. ...a very positive, educational program...a sneak peek at what your potential is.

     - Mike Navid, IT Support, Canada Life Assurance

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